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ITI Instrument Technology Inc. Manufacturer of Videoscopes, Fiberscopes, Borescopes.

Series 123000 Rigid Borescopes lead the industry with the clearest optical images, the most innovative features, and the greatest cost-effective, top quality dependability on the market today. Thousands of variations offering many exceptional advances.

 Dedicated to Performance

  • Designed to match critical video camera requirements
  • Bright, sharp, uniform images
  • Superior visual performance
  • Greater edge illumination

Choose from Five (5) Different Styles

Standard – With a fixed line of sight (LOS) and fixed field of view (FOV), ITI’s Standard Rigid includes range focus and illumination fibers. Choose from either eyepiece, camera C-mount or both with our interchangeable design.

Orbital Scan (Pan) – Complete panoramic examinations can be conducted with minimum effort. The ITI Orbital Scan rotates 375° around the axis of the borescope without rotation of the fiber cable; plus, the camera rotates with the probe for correct video orientation.

Axial Scan (Tilt) – Axial Scan acts as three-scopes-in-one with panoramic illumination to fully cover the total viewing area. In-line with the borescope probe, the scan allows viewing from 40° (FO) LOS to 125° (RO) quickly and efficiently.

Zoom – Unlike other instruments with zoom eyepieces that result in FALSE magnification and loss of apparent illumination, only ITI offers a true 4X zoom borescope with dependable, exact performance. In low power it provides 40° FOV for orientation. In high power, it zooms to 10° FOV for critical inspection: thus offering a true zoom objective with a 4X change in FOV with a constant f/#. Magnification, therefore, is real. Performance, therefore is unequaled.

Scan/Zoom – ITI’s Scan/Zoom option combines the features of a variable Axial Scan with the features of a variable FOV (Zoom). Scan in low power for overall coverage, zoom to high power for high-resolution detail examination. This unique dual-capability offers the best of the best all in one superior borescope.