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Ferrite Content Meter

Fischer FERITSCOPE FMP30 Measurement of Ferrite Content Meter

Ferrite Content Meter FMP 30

The FERITSCOPE® FMP30 measures the ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steel according to the magnetic induction method.

The instrument is suitable for measurements according to the DIN EN ISO 17655.  Areas of application are on-site measurements, of austenitic plating as well as weld seams in stainless steel pipes, containers, boilers or other products made of austenitic or duplex steel.

Duplex steel is used increasingly in the chemical and petrochemical industries.  A ferrite deficit in the weld seam area leads to strength reduction, whereas, an excess of ferrite content leads to a reduction in toughness and ductility. 

In particular when welding duplex steel, the ferrite content in the welded area can easily assume unfavorable values either due to unsuitable welding filler materials or through poor heat input or heat removal. Only an onsite measurement can provide the assurance that the processing did not change the optimum ferrite content.


  • Fast, non-destructive measurement of Ferrite content on-site or in the lab
  • Measurement range 0.1 to 80% Fe or 0.1 to 110 FN
  • Ferrite measurable either in Ferrite percentage “%Fe” or Ferrite number “FN”
  • Measurements according ISO 17655 or “Basler Standard”
  • Calibration standards are traceable to internationally approved TWI secondary standards, which fulfil ISO 8249 and AWS A4.2M requirements.
  • Corrective calibration with customer-specific standards possible

Typical fields of application

Measurement of the ferrite content in:

  • Duplex steel
  • Austenitic steel welds (tubes, sheets)
  • Normal steel with austenitic chrome alloy steel welded cladding (boilers, vessels)