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Ultrasonic Thickness Guage - Precision

Dakota Ultrasonics PZX-7 Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

DAKOTA ULTRASONICS precision ultrasonic thickness gauge, PZX Series has arrived. The variety of features offered in the PZX-7 and PZX-7DL allow the user to select a quality tool that will meet or exceed their specific application needs. In the Echo-to-Echo Mode, you have the ability to measure the thickness of materials without removing the paint or the coating. Our 5-year limited warranty indicates how we feel about the reliability and durability of the PZX SERIES.

The PZX-7 series gauges are our basic single element precision gauges and equipped with a variety of measurement modes to address a number of potential applications. They can use both high and low-frequency transducers with a variety of diameter options. Both models have USB-C connectivity, with and without data storage, and serial over USB-C using a CDC class. Optional RS232 and Bluetooth modules available for connection with data collectors and custom apps. Our 5-year limited warranty indicates how we feel about the durability of the PZX Series.

Dakota Ultrasonics PZX-7DL Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Same as above but with a build in data logger

Dakota Ultrasonics PVX Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The PVX v2.0 is our most advanced precision A-Scan scope, commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, stamping, and precision machining industries. The versatility and transducer options offer a measuring range from very thin to extremely thick, with exceptional resolution. There’s a variety of features and tools to accommodate a number of material types and applications. The electronic platform is FPGA driven for speed and accuracy. The screen refresh rate at 25 Hz (b&w) and 60 Hz (color), contributes to the overall responsiveness of the gauges. The built-in data logger has two file format options, grid or sequential, and is equipped with an internal 4 GB SD card for memory. Connectivity to a standard PC or Mac via USB-C, and used in conjunction with our Windows® PC or MAC OSX reporting software available for download, at no charge, on our website.