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Magnetic Particle Inspection | Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Chemetall Ardrox is your one-stop supplier of approved NDT products for all industry sectors. Whenever you need to perform liquid penetrant or magnetic particle testing, we can offer you the optimum products and processes, combined and enhanced by expert service and specialized NDT equipment.

Specialty chemistry, metal, surface technology – these are the “roots” of Chemetall Ardrox. A distinctive feature lies in our global orientation coupled with closeness to our customers. So it was logical for us to become involved very early in non-destructive material testing, i.e. PT and MT.

Competence grows with experience! Chemetall Ardrox knows and has been solving the challenges in non-destructive material testing for more than 60 years now. The first Ardrox® product was approved as early as in the year 1948. Many innovative products have followed since then; for instance, Chemetall was one of the first companies to introduce azo-dye-free products. Chemetall is also one of the pioneers in the use of NPE-free penetrants.



Ardrox Magnetic Particles Wet Method

Magnetic particle testing is a non-destructive testing method in order to detect surface and sub-surface irregularities in ferrous parts. As a first step a magnetic field is put into the part tested. The magnetization can be direct (electrical current is passed through the test object) or indirect (magnetic field is applied from an outside source). Ferrous iron particles (dry / wet suspension) are then applied to the part. In case of an area of flux leakage, the particles are attracted to this area and form an ‘indication’. The inspection can be performed under UV(A) or white light, depending on the type of MT product used: fluorescent or black magnetic ink.

8901W Contrast Paint | Advantage NDT Supplies Ltd.


White Contrast Paint

8032 Black Magnetic Particle | Advantage NDT Supplies Ltd.


Black Magnetic Suspension

8506  Fluorescent Magnetic Particle | Advantage NDT Supplies


Fluorescent Magnetic Particles

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Penetrant testing is a well-recognized inspection method to detect e.g. casting, forging and welding surface defects such as cracks, overlapping, folds, pinholes or other bonding failures. The so called ‘penetrant system’ consists of the penetrant itself, a penetrant remover and finally a developer, which helps to increase the contrast and pull out the remaining penetrant at the end of the inspection process. Whereas fluorescent penetrants are required for the part inspection under UV(A) light, color-contrast penetrants are widely used for the inspection under white light.

906 Pentrant | Advantage NDT Supplies Ltd


Water washable Penetrant

Ardrox 9D18 Developer | Advantage NDT Supplies Ltd.



Ardrox 9PR50 Cleaner | Advantage NDT Supplies Ltd.



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