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Surface Roughness Tester

Time3200 Surface Roughness Tester, Complete Kit
The TIME3200 Surface Roughness Tester is designed to measure Ra, Rz, Ry, Rq, Rt, Rp, Rmax, Rv, R3z, RS, RSM, RSk and Rmr units. It is commonly used for testing roughness during the manufacturing processes as well as in test labs.

Kit Contains

  • TIME3200 Surface Roughness Tester TR200
  • Main unit
  • TS100 standard pickup
  • Roughness test plate Ra
  • Battery Charger
  • Protection Nose
  • Steel support
  • Dataview
  • Communication cable
  • Instruction manual


Roughness parameters Ra, Rz, Ry, Rq, Rt, Rp, Rmax, Rv,R3z, RS, RSm, RSk, Rmr
Assessed profiles Roughness profile (R) Primary profile (P)
Units Metric, Imperial
Display resolution 0.001 μm
Data output RS232
Pickup measuring range ±20μm, ±40μm, ±80μm
Cutoff length (L) 0.25mm / 0.8mm / 2.5mm/Auto
Evaluation length 1~5L (selectable)
Tracing length 3-7L(selectable)
Digital filter RC, PC-RC, Gauss, D-P
Max. tracing length 17.5mm/0.71inch
Min. tracing length 1.3mm/0.052inch
Pick-up Standard pickup TS100, inductive, diamond stylus radius 5μm, angle of stylus 90°
Accuracy ≤±10%
Repeatability ≤6%
Power Li-ion battery rechargeable
Dimensions (mm) 140×52×48
Weight (g) 440
Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Tester

Surftest® SJ-210 portable surface roughness tester

The new Surftest® SJ-210 portable surface roughness tester combines high accuracy and measurement speed with numerous innovative features creating a new class leader in surface inspection.


  • 2.4” color LCD display includes backlighting and over-size fonts
  • Display direction can be changed to be read vertically or horizontally right and left -handed
  • Color tolerance judgments, evaluation curves and all data can be displayed in one of 16 languages
  • Self-timed measurement supported
  • Security management supports password protected function locks
  • A micro-SD card supports high-volume portable data storage – up to 10,000 results can be stored
  • Screen capture to memory card also supported
  • Optional footswitch can be used for touch-free measurement
  • Multiple output options include RS-232C and USB for maximum versatility