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DHT-400 High Temperature UT Transducer

DHT-400 High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers

DHT400 High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers | Advantage NDT Supplies

The SensorScan Model DHT-400 Ultrasonic Transducer is a
general-purpose transducer for measuring the remaining wall thickness
on rough metal ID and OD surfaces due to corrosion and/or erosion.

The transducer can be used intermittently (50% duty cycle) over a wide
temperature range from 0 to 932°F (-17.8 to 500°C) and continuously
from 0 to 400°F (-17.8 to 204°C).

Typical applications include its use with common digital thickness
gauges or flaw detectors on boiler/furnace tubes, pipes, tanks, vessels,
structures and other safety-critical components at power plants, refineries, mid- and up-stream Oil & Gas assets, and chemical facilities.