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Black Light Meters

Spectroline XRP-3000

Single detector with dual sensors measures both ultraviolet and visible light. Complies with ASTM specifications for MPI and FPI. Specially engineered for NDT applications.

Spectroline AccuPRO

AccuPRO™ Series meters feature an advanced, microprocessor-controlled readout unit calibrated to accurately measure and display UV-A, Blue, and Visible light readings.

Gould-Bass DLM-1000

Gould-Bass DLM-1000 Digital Light Meters are portable, 3-1/2 digit instruments with the latest LSI circuit design and display technology in order to achieve the lowest possible component count. These Light Meters measure blacklight intensity in the spectral range of 320 to 400 nanometers in microwatts per square centimeter or visible light intensity of 380 to 700 nanometers in Lux or Foot Candles based on the sensors selected.

The DLM-1000 is simple to operate, with an LED display that indicates Lux or Foot Candles at 1x the display reading and microwatts/cm2 at 10x the display reading. An auto-zeroing display and a visible sensor corrected to CIE curve saves time during applications. The DLM-1000 Digital Light Meters meet AMS, ASTM, and Mil standards.

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