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Brinell Accessories

Test anywhere on your part with KingPin hand-held Brinell testers manufactured by Ernst. The KingPin Brinell testers provide an economical, fast and accurate means of testing. By applying force, the pin indents the metal surface with a force determined by the calibrated pins, which shear at 1580 kgf. The diameter of the resulting indentation is measured using a conventional Brinell microscope.

Constructed from stainless steel, the rugged and optically reliable KingScope is the most versatile microscope on the market today. Featuring a 20X pre-focused lens, the KingScope has a narrow nose-piece which easily fits into tight recesses, resulting in less grinding.

  • Versatile enough to fit into tight areas
  • Sturdy and Stainless Steel construction
  • ASTM E-10 compliant
  • Features a 20x pre-focused lens and penlight for easy reading