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Pin Brinell Tester

The Pin Brinell Tester is the first Brinell hardness tester at a low price. The unique impact hardness method uses a shear pin to control the force applied by a hammer, so it significantly reduces the costs of getting started in Brinell testing. The Pin Brinell Tester indentation left after a test is measured with a Brinell scope, just like a standard Brinell, so the tester can be used on non-homogeneous metals and as-ground test surfaces. The Pin Brinell Tester kit comes with everything needed for testing (except the hammer and carbide indenter if testing on high hardness materials) and includes a bag of 250 shear pins (one pin is required for each test).

  • Low-price Brinell testing
  • Each shear pin is precisely tested twice for accurate load application.
  • Load accuracy is +/-1% of load — more accurate than competing models.
  • The tester can be verified on standard Brinell blocks from HB100 to 700 (higher ranges using optional carbide indenter).
  • Uses the same indenter diameter to load ratio as is used in regular 3000kg Brinell hardness testing
  • Very portable for use almost anywhere
  • Comes with an 8x power Brinell scope.Higher resolution scopes available at additional cost.