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NDT Portable Magnetic Coil

NDT Portable Magnetic Coil & Demagnatizing Coil by Western Instruments

WDV-Series Portable DC Magnetic or Demagnetizing Coil

Western Instrument coils are set apart from any other type of Coil, Cable Wrap, or Mobile Power Supply. These World Famous Coils have gained an unparalleled reputation for their portability and ability for performing DC De-Magnetization. WD Series Coils offer a Powerful Full Wave DC Output, Optional AC Output and a Pulse DC Option, which emulates a Half Wave DC Magnetizing Field to aid in Particle mobility. WD-Series Coils are offered with numerous Mechanical Options for protection, convenience and fixturing.

Commonly referred to as End Area Coils in the Oilfield Drilling and Production industries. WD-Series Coils have numerous other applications, due to their portability and high Full Wave DC output. WD-Series Coils are manufactured large enough to provide Pre-Weld Demagnetization of Line Pipe for Pipelines and other process applications.

WD-Series Coils are the industry standard for Fracturing and Cementing Connections (Hammer Unions and Fittings). WD-Series Coils are commonly used for testing and demagnetizing Castings and Forgings. These Coils are also found in Aircraft Service Centres, for not only testing but also for DC Demagnetization.

The WD-Series are available in 5 Models, with their Model Number designation in ID size Western Instrument coils ;

WDV-8 (8-5/8”/219mm ID), DC Coil 12,500 Amp Turns
WDV-10 (10-¾”/273mm ID), DC Coil 12,000 Amp Turns
WDV-14 (14”/356mm ID), DC Coil 14,000 Amp Turns
WDV-16 (16”/406mm ID), DC Coil 16,000 Amp Turns
WDV-18 (18″/457mm ID),DC Coil 18,000 Amp Turns
WDV-25 (25”/635mm ID), DC Coil 24,000 Amp Turns
WDV-8,10, & 14 are available in 115 Volt/60 Hz and 230 Volt/50 Hz Models.
WDV-16 and 24 are available in 220 Volt/60 Hz and 230 Volt/50 Hz Models.

The WDV Power Supplies offer the operator infinite variable control on the DC output of the coil. All WD series coils have a DC output greater than 10,000 Amp Turns, meeting the most stringent specifications. WDV Series coils have gained a very favorable, worldwide, reputation for their manual reversing DC Demagnetization capability. Reversing DC Demagnetization is accomplished by reversing the polarity switch, reducing the amperage followed by a brief shot, by energizing the coil. This reducing-reversing step is repeated until the field is reduced to a desirable level. The Ac option would be selected if the operator wants to demagnetization small parts, or must inspect in an active AC field. WDV-AC coils typically provide an AC field over 4000 Amp Tuns.

WDV-Series Coils | Advantage NDT Supplies

WP-Series Portable AC/DC Magnetizing/Demagnetizing Coils

Western Instrument coils newest addition of Medium Duty Mag Particle Inspection Coils complements our existing Coil line-up of Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment. WP Series Coils offer over 7000 Amp Turns of Half Wave DC Output and 4000 Amp Turns in AC. WP-Series Magnetic Particle Inspection Coils are set apart from other coils due to their Demag Option, which allows for Reversing and Decaying DC Magnetization. WP-Series are available in AC Output only, with the option to add a fixed DC Output making WP-Series very powerful AC/DC Magnetizing Coils. Further, adding the Variable DC Output Option allows operators to control the amount of field so parts do not become saturated. Lastly, crowning a WP-Series Magnetizing Coil with the Reversible DC Field Option, allows the operator to perform Reversing/Decaying DC Demagnetization.

WP-8, 8″ I.D. AC Coil, 4,250 Amp Turns
WP-8D, AC & DC Coil, 4150 Amp Turns AC|6,000 Amp Turns DC
WP-8DV, AC & DC Coil w/variable DC, 4,150 Amp Turn AC|0-6,000 Amp Turns DC
WP-8DVR, AC & DC Coil w/ variable and reversing DC, 4,150 Amp Turn AC|+/-0-6,000 Amp Turns DC

WP-10, 10″ I.D. AC Coil, 4,150 Amp Turns
WP-10D, AC & DC Coil, 4,150 Amp Turns AC|6,000 Amp Turns DC
WP-10DV, AC & DC Coil w/ variable DC, 4,150 Amp Turns AC|0-6,000 Amp Turns DC
WP-10DVR, AC & DC Coil w/variable and reversing DC, 4,150 Amp Turns AC|+/-0-6,000 Amp Turns DC

WP-12, 12″ I.D. AC Coil, 4,050 Amp Turns
WP-12D, AC & DC Coil, 4,050 Amp Turns AC|6,000 Amp Turns DC
WP-12DV, AC & DC Coil w/ variable DC, 4,050 Amp Turns AC|0-6,000 Amp Turns DC
WP-12DVR, AC & DC Coil w/variable and reversing DC, 4,050 Amp Turns AC|+/-0-6,000 Amp Turns DC

WP-14, 14″ I.D. AC Coil, 3,875 Amp Turns
WP-14D, AC & DC Coil, 3,875Amp Turns AC|6,000 Amp Turns DC
WP-14DV, AC & DC Coil w/ variable DC, 3,875 Amp Turns AC|0-6,000 Amp Turns DC
WP-14DVR, AC & DC Coil w/variable and reversing DC, 3,875 Amp Turns AC|+/-0-6,000 Amp Turns DC

WP-Series Coil | Advantage NDT Supplies | Western Instrument coils

WS-Series Portable Magnetic Pulsed DC Coils

Western Instrument coils  WS-Series is a new  addition to our line-up of Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection Coils and complements our extensive list of Portable MPI Equipment. These powerful yet extremely light MPI Coils meet many applicable specifications for MPI. WS-Series can be called the 21st Century version of Drilco®Coils, as their output characteristics are similar to those old successful Smith International® Drill Pipe Coils. The WS-Series use Western Instruments’ innovative Capacitive Discharge Power Supply. The unique WS power supply provides the necessary energy pulse to provide an output of 1,200 Amp Turns per inch of ID and more specifically greater than 400 Gauss in the Center of the Coil. These outputs are common to all four models: WS-8, WS-10, WS-12, and WS-14, while all remain under 20 pounds (9kg).

In the Oil well Drilling Business WS-Coils are commonly called Drill Pipe Coils, where Drill Pipe is rarely Demagnetized. It is typically the Tools on the Bottom End of the Drilling String that are demagnetized, and where our WD-Series Coils earned their reputation. Drill Pipe Coils pulse about once per second and induce a very high Residual Magnetic Field, into the workpiece.

WS-8, Pulsed DC Drill Pipe Coil, 8″ I.D., 8,500 Amp Turns @1Hz
WS-10, Pulsed DC Drill Pipe Coil, 10″ I.D., 10,5000 Amp Turns @ 1Hz
WS-12, Pulsed DC Drill Pipe Coil, 12″ I.D., 12,500 Amp Turns @ 1Hz
WS-14, Pulsed DC Drill Pipe Coil, 14″ I.D., 14,5000 Amp Turns @ 1Hz

WS Coil Series | Advantage NDT Supplies

WA-Series Portable AC Magnetic Coils

Western Instrument coils can best be described as Light Duty or Utility Grade MPI Magnetizing Coils. No matter which ID Size, WA-Series Coils have an AC Output of over 4000 Amp Turns on a 115 Volt/60 Hertz Power and over 5000 Amp Turns with 230 Volt/50 Hertz Power. The 4 models of WA-Series Coils are the:

WA-8, AC Coil 8″ ID, 4,250 Amp Turns
WA-10, AC Coil 10″ ID, 4,150 Amp Turns
WA-12, AC Coil 12″ ID, 4,050 Amp Turns
WA-14, AC Coil 14″ ID, 3,875 Amp Turns

As an entry level Mag Coil, WA-Series AC Magnetizing Coils are very economically priced. This economy is a result of our consistency in assembly, and limiting the choices to ID size and activation by a Foot Switch or an intermittent Energize Button. AC Magnetic Particle Inspection Coils are effective for finding surface breaking defects on workpieces with little wear, but where stress results in high load concentrations that in turn can result in component failure. An AC Coil will only affect the surface of a workpiece, and the Eddy Currents that form just below the surface act as a shield to any magnetism in the body of the workpiece. Thus AC Coils only offer a Surface Following Demagnetization field.

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